Article in Genealogists’ Magazine

The latest edition of the Genealogists’ Magazine (June 2014) includes an article by Sylvia Dibbs on the 1723 oaths of loyalty. It’s great that the oaths are being brought to the attention of family historians and I am pleased that the author has directed readers to the electronic finding list. The article also includes some interesting data drawn from the City of London returns. However, the link the author provides is for the History Working Papers draft version of the finding list. This is an older version of the list that was uploaded to enable those with information on the oath rolls to post comments. The most recent version of the finding list can be found and downloaded from this site (click on the ‘Finding List’ tab). This edition includes further information on the City and Exchequer rolls plus details of additional returns that have been identified for Kent and Westmoreland.

I am grateful to Jeremy Gibson for bringing Sylvia Dibbs’ article to my attention.